Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Updated links for selected work still available online


"The Joke" :: wigleaf
"Acrid Tang" :: Everyday Genius
"Today the Smell of Worms and Wet Pennies" :: Action, Yes
"Fiction with Teratoma Preserves" :: originally published in Phoebe
"Distractus Refractus Ontologicus: The Dissemination of Michael Martone" :: first appeared in Lamination Colony, later in the anthology entitled RE:Telling (ed. William Walsh)


"The Everyday Juggernaut" :: first appeared in IsReads & on the Mixtape podcast by Barrelhouse
"Parallelogical Circuit" :: originally published in Keyhole

"Libretto Interrupted" :: Right Hand Pointing
"The Great I Am" :: Haggard & Halloo


Interview with Andy Devine :: elimae
Interview with Michael Kimball :: Word Riot
Interview with Ornela Vorpsi :: The Collagist