Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview with Ornela Vorpsi at The Collagist

My interview with Ornela Vorpsi about her new book, The Country Where No One Ever Dies, is live on The Collagist's blog. The interview begins this way:

1. Can you talk about the inspiration for The Country Where No One Ever Dies? What was on your mind while you were writing this book?
I cannot say precisely where and how I found my inspiration for this book, if it is indeed inspired, as I abandoned myself to the process of writing, without even thinking about writing a book or having it published, I just subjected myself to what was coming, organically, without seeing too clearly. Of course I wanted to talk about Albania. About some lives. About some people. It mattered deeply to me.
Thanks to Matt Bell for the opportunity to interview Ornela about her novel, which I think is brilliant; and thanks to Ornela Vorpsi for taking time out of her busy schedule to participate so generously in the interview.

Read "Bel Ami," excerpted in Issue Four of The Collagist.

The Country Where No One Ever Dies is officially available today from Dalkey Archive.


Adam R said...

Nice, but no follow up to the Kierkegaard references?

Josh Maday said...

I'm with you, Adam. I had emailed her the list of questions and I was excited to see that she's reading Kierkegaard and talked about it some. I really wanted to follow up, but I don't know how I would have gotten the lid back on the interview. I knew you would catch that and feel the same electric tickle in your brain. Thanks for reading.

P. Edward Cunningham said...

everybody dies.