Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Collagist, Issue Four

The fourth issue of The Collagist is now live.

Issue Four features fiction from Cooper Renner, Chad Benson, Kate Petersen, and Lance Olsen (with art by Andi Olsen), as well as novel excerpts from Xiaoda Xiao and Ornela Vorpsi (see my review of The Country Where No One Ever Dies in Issue Two). Also, poetry from Arlene Ang, Stephen Dobyns, Judy Huddleston, and Keith Taylor; non-fiction from Brian Oliu and Melissa Pritchard.

Book reviews of Translation is a Love Affair by Jacques Poulin, The Suburban Swindle by Jackie Corley, Girl Trouble by Holly Goddard Jones, The Southern Cross by Skip Horack, and The Halfway House by Guillermo Rosales, as well as a video review of The Bigness of the World by Lori Ostlund.

You'll also find a new Classic Reprints section, which, according to editor Matt Bell, "will be appearing frequently in the months to come." This month features a reprinting of John Cheever's "The Fourth Alarm" alongside an introductory essay written by his son, Benjamin H. Cheever.

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