Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John Dermot Woods is a rare combination

I meant to post about this when it actually arrived, but now weeks have passed, and etc. My copy of John Dermot Woods' book The Complete Collection of people, places & things came in the mail, along with a limited edition handmade screen print made by Woods' hands. The print is beautiful. What I did manage to do in a timely manner was put it in a frame as soon as I took it from the envelope and oogled it for awhile. The art is exceptional and the writing is, well, see some for yourself; this is why John Dermot Woods is a rare combination. And maybe the artist/writer is more common than I think, but certainly most seem to be more accomplished or inclined toward one or the other; not Woods, he nails them both. So, is this a plug, a sales pitch? Um, yeah, it is. Sure, I know John through Action Yes and Apostrophe Cast, but, as LeVar Burton would say, you don't have to take my word for it. TCCopp&t has been getting good press elsewhere, too:

Ben Tanzer's words at This Blog Will Change Your Life

Weston Cutter's review at Corduroy Books

And if you're in any of these places at these times, check out John reading from The Complete Collection:

9/22 - Soda Bar - Brooklyn, NY - w/Shanthi Sekaran

9/26 - 510 Series - Baltimore Book Festival

10/11 - Small Animal Project Series - Cambridge, MA - w/Kristen Iskandrian and Matthew Derby

10/17 - &NOW Festival - Action Books Reading - Buffalo, NY

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