Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I WILL SMASH YOU is finished

I have been waiting for this. And it's finished. It will be here in September. Here's the deal on I WILL SMASH YOU:

I WILL SMASH YOU is a documentary film in which dozens of people each tell a story about an object that has some personal meaning for them and then destroy that object in whatever manner they wish. Michael Kimball interviews each person about their chosen object and the story behind it, which leads to amazing realizations, for both the subject and the viewer.

There are 19 different chapters filled with people, objects, destruction, resolution, and understanding. A man burns his discharge papers from the Army in attempt to exorcise his recurring nightmares about being forced to re-enlist (and always at a lower rank). A teenage girl destroys a papier-mâché version of her mean teacher's head, which she cracks open and then burns in an attempt to get all the meanness out. A man smashes his procrastination. Another man burns his favorite double album, the one that he listened to over and over to get through adolescence. A woman destroys a ceramic bust of Zeus that bears an uncanny resemblance to her husband. Another woman destroys her Ford Taurus with a crowbar because it is cursed.

I WILL SMASH YOU is filled with moments of relief, moments of release, unexpected realizations, and a couple of political statements. You have never seen a film like this

We'll start to screen I WILL SMASH YOU in September. The release party/premiere will happen somewhere in Baltimore.
Anybody interested in getting a screener copy of the DVD can write me at

Little Burn Films presents
a film by Luca Dipierro & Michael Kimball
concept by Michael Kimball
directed by Luca Dipierro
edited by Luca Dipierro & Michael Kimball
camera by Rachel Bradley, Luca Dipierro, Rodney McLaughlin
with, in random order: Susan Nolan, Ivan Bojanic, Adam Robinson, Chancellor Pascale, Ella Grossbach, Geoff Becker, Jessica Gill, Caitlin Cunningham, Andy Kratz, Leslie F. Miller, Gregg Wilhelm, Tom Smith, Monica Mohindra, Bonnie Jones, Mike Rippe, Jeff Rettberg, Molly Warsh and Piotr Gwiazda, Michael Kimball, Betsy Boyd.
special thanks to Crazy Ray's and Brent Green

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