Monday, June 1, 2009

The Chapbook Review

The first issue of The Chapbook Review is here. There's a phlebotomistic (I did indeed have less blood in my body when I finished reading) double interview where Blake Butler and Christopher Higgs take turns being interviewer/interviewee. And then, of course, there are the chapbook reviews.

Tobias Carroll reviews Lawrence Millman’s Going Home: A Horror Story

Sean Lovelace reviews Matt Bell's How the Broken Lead the Blind (the hard copies of which are sold out, but is now available as a free ebook)

Andrew Borgstrom reviews Aaron Burch’s Molting

Kimberly King Parsons reviews Alan Catlin’s Only the Dead Know Albany

Matthew Simmons and Andrew Borgstrom each review Mathias Svalina’s Play

J.R. Angelella reviews Ryan and Christie Call's Pocket Finger

Nicolle Elizabeth reviews Shya Scanlon’s Poolsaid

And I review Mike Heppner's Talking Man

The Chapbook Review is John Madera's brainchild; John Madera, who put together the huge list of lists of many writers' favorite novellas. I would like to thank John for all of his help, patience, and hard work. I think TCR fills a void in the current literary world, where chapbooks go mostly unnoticed and rarely receive the close critical reading so many of them deserve.

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christopher higgs said...

Hey Josh,

Strong review! You have persuaded me to pick up Heppner's Talking Man

-- & finally we appear in the same venue simultaneously!

Really looking forward to your mlp chapbook!