Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opium's 500-Word Memoir Contest Finalists Announced

Which includes familiar names like Jamie Iredell, Sean Beaudoin, Rachel Yoder, and others I should probably know.

Here's the short list:

From 26 to 32, the Only Years that Matter by Sean Beaudoin
Total Care by Kathline Carr
The Question of Spoons by Rebecca Collins
Lamb Brain by Kate Duva
High Life by Jamie Iredell
Sacred Bodies by Davin Malasarn
Farewell Bend by Nathaniel Missildine
Crossing Styx by Peter Gajdics
Nothing But The Truth by Geoff Kronik
Fifty-Eight Years Later by Helen Phillips
Thief by F.S. Symons
Family Stew by Sean Toner
Dale by Rob Tourtelot
A Merry Sort of Life by Jim Windolf
Creatures by Rachel Yoder

Congrats, folks. I've always wanted to write one of these, but all I can seem to write are negative memoirs, where I tell about things that did not happen instead of what did. I guess that's called fiction?

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Jamie Iredell said...

Technically, I should really call everything that I write that's labelled "fiction" nonfiction. I like your "fiction." whatever you're doing don't stop.