Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lamination Colony: Spring 09: Guest Edited by Michael Kimball

The Spring 09 issue of Lamination Colony is live. I've been looking forward to this issue. Michael Kimball has delivered an issue stuffed with over 60 pieces by 38 writers. Exceptional design work by Blake Butler, as usual.

Here's what Kimball had to say about the issue:

I guest edited Blake Butler’s Lamination Colony and the issue looks amazing. Blake asked me what I wanted it to look like and then he made it look like that. It’s all different-colored boxes that you have to scroll over until a name pops up and then you click on that some-colored box and there is something for you to love there.

Contributors include: Kim Chinquee, Adam Robinson, Ben Mirov, DS White, Matthew Salesses, Blaster Al Ackerman, M.T. Fallon, Adam Good, Stephanie Barber, J.A. Tyler, Catherine Moran, Cooper Renner, Luca Dipierro, Amanda Raczkowski, Rupert Wondolowski, Whitney Woolf, Lauren Becker, Michael Bible, Robert Swartwood, Darcelle Bleau, Robert Bradley, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, Aimee Lynn-Hirschowitz, Shane Jones, Conor Madigan, Krammer Abrahams, Shatera Davenport, Jordan Sanderson, Stacie Leatherman, Josh Maday, Joseph Young, Jason Jones, Gena Mohwish, Jen Michalski, Aby Kaupang, Jac Jemc, Karen Lillis, and Justin Sirois.

My pieces in the issue, "Ashes to Undermine the Smell" and "[Night]", are two excerpts from my novella-in-progress. Here is the opening of "Ashes . . .":

Father is draped over the windows: what is left of him, dried and stiff and burgundy-brown: somewhat wrinkled and dirty, bleeding and caked with soul.

No, this was an accident. It should be soil. Soil, parched and small and something to be washed away at night. Just soil.

I'm honored to have my work alongside that of so many talented writers.



that excerpt really got me going. i am excited to read the novella in full soon. man, i love it.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Blake. Glad you like it. LC:S09 looks great.

christopher higgs said...

Your piece in this issue was sweet, Josh! You've got me chomping at the bit for that novella!

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Chris! I'm glad you liked it. I plan to have a solid draft finished this summer sometime, meanwhile scattering excerpts into the wind. It's amazing how much longer things take than I think they will.

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