Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Derek White's words; time and space cracked and inserted into each other's orifices; Gestating in mental disease: The Big Name Drop, Book Porn

Derek White posted some true/relevant things on his blog:

evidence-based trop-goth twitterings: doing time in the field before putting pen to paper

¢ It's 12°F. Back in Nairobi it's 27°C. Now I remember why I left NYC. Humans were not meant to be above the Tropic of Cancer.

¢ The night sky is glowing and full of snow, I have a belly full of sushi and the internet is fast as lightning. Backing up 17.7 gigs of new data to the Amazon via Jungle Disk. Besides not knowing the difference between coming and going, I'm also confused as to the difference between early and late.

[all italics mine]

Check Sean Lovelace's review of Mary Miller's Big World. Lovelace has the allusive gift of light-splattering schizo.

This is old news, but new news if you haven't heard it yet: Kate Greenstreet's chapbook This is Why I Hurt You is excellent (but what work published by Lame House Press is not superlative?), so excellent in fact that it was named best chapbook of 2008 by small press editors via Black Ocean Press. I liked TiWIHY so much that I bought Greenstreet's book case sensitive, which I'm looking forward to reading, obviously. Greenstreet's work lives at the intersection of prose and poetry, which reminds me of the work I've read by Thalia Field. As far as I know, there are still a very few copies of This is Why I Hurt You remaining for sale from Lame House. Congratulations to Kate Greenstreet and Gina Myers.

I am working on an essay, expanding on the name drop posts I did here awhile back. Gathering material right now from sources like Hegel and Cheerios commercials; but slowly, since I am behind on reviews and reading.

Coming soon: book porn as per the majestic omnipresent Ken Baumann's kind request. For now, here's a short piece, the first piece I ever had published, which is, appropriately, book porn in words.