Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baudrillard's Blender

Thanks to Ortho for linking to this site I will be spending a lot of time looking at, thinking about, etc. Put your brain through Baudrillard's Blender.


John Madera said...

Hi Josh,

This is off topic, but I was wondering if you'd be into putting a top ten list together of your favorite novellas and a few lines, if you like, about each. I've reached out to a bunch of writers, editors, etc. Among others, Scott Esposito, Molly Gaudry, Cooper Renner, Adam Robinson, Peter Selgin, Leni Zumas, have agreed to participate. Once I get everyone's back, I'll post them on my blog along with links to everyone's respective websites.

Drop a line at johnmadera@gmail.com



Josh Maday said...

Email on the way. Thanks for the invite, John, and for stopping by the blog.