Thursday, December 4, 2008

Read the Marquee

Read "The Solar Anus" by Georges Bataille

Moby Dick

Read "The Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges

Finnegans Wake

Read The Tapeworm Foundry by Darrin Wershler-Henry

Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams

The Communist Manifesto



ken baumann said...

incredibly hard/painful to read.

Adam R. said...

The Library of Babel. I want to read that again.

peter b. said...

wait did you read those or are you requesting that I do?

Josh Maday said...

ken, yeah the moving text works against the normal eye movement that is used to a stationary text. and the way you can't see the text you've already read is different, too. you can't really skim ahead in the text, and yet you almost have to skim the text scrolling by, if that makes sense. probably not. i hope your eyes are not destroyed.

yes Adam, Borges is the master; i want to wander the library of babel. i think i have dreams about it sometimes.

it's more of a third sense, peter; not declarative in the way of a request/demand, but declarative in the way of a thing that is available to do, that those things are out there; passive declaration?

peter b. said...

I dig

BlogSloth said...

No one has ever read Finnegan's. Cut the BS.

Go read the Raw/Cooked by Jim Harrison.

Love you all

sam pink said...

i liked borges and also, the interpretation of dreams. introduction to psychotherapy, totem and taboo and civilization and its discontents are really good too. dora also. sorry for this comment it feels dumb now.

Josh Maday said...

all fine works, sam. good comment. i liked your post on HTMLGIANT about Kierkegaard. i don't make contact with many people who like K's work like that. The Sickness Unto Death is supreme. thanks for commenting, sam.