Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Well-Administered Headbutt

Was going to wait and see if I could let traffic fizzle to zero before posting again. But

Things to read that I liked [not exhaustive]:

CM Evans posted a poem on his site that filleted my mouth with rubble. I enjoyed that experience. My eyes puckered.

An interview with Carole Maso in the new 'shue of Word Riot. I got AVA in the mail yesterday and am enjoying it. Again, the fragmented narrative. Similar-ish to David Markson's WITTGENSTEIN'S MISTRESS (and especially the text shape his later novels) as well as Raymond Federman's TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. R.M. Berry wrote an essay exploring these works in relation to the notion of 'avant-garde' and innovative fiction. Berry's essay is worth the eyestrain to read the miniscule font (or you can just zoom in on the page). Maso also has an excerpt in CONJUNCTIONS 48 from her novel in progress, The Bay of Angels, which she has been working on for fifteen years.

Maybe a Gertrude Stein revival is on the way.

Also, I think Norm MacDonald is working on his reinvention right now.

Books in the mail recently.

Maso's AVA, of course. Very nice.

FRAGMENTARY FUTURES by Daniel Watt: I searched pretty much everyday for months to find a copy of this for less than $100. And then, after I ordered it, I found another method of procuring it for much less money. Anyone want to buy a copy of this new (2007) groundbreaking work?



Also received review copies of two novels by Jean-Philippe Toussaint: one, THE BATHROOM, is his first novel, and the other, CAMERA, Toussaint's latest novel to be translated into English. I became aware of Toussaint only a month or two ago. I'm getting after these today.

Here is an interview with Toussaint from the latest issue of The Quarterly Conversation.

Other cool things:

New No Posit. Vol 3. It's packed. Sizzlin'.

New Harpur Palate w/ words by Blake Butler, T.J. Forrester, Jacob Appel, Denise Duhamel, Jim Daniels, Micah Ling, et al. Trade all your baseball cards for this one.

Lit mag named Cella's Round Trip wants submissions. Your submissions. Emissions. I'm on an e-mission right now. Ikay, I'm done.

I just bought a copy of the new chapbook available from Lame House Press: Kate Greenstreet's This is Why I Hurt You. Check it. Gina Myers makes excellent chapbooks. She works like full and a half time and still manages to run an independent press and keep up with, well, pretty much everything. She gives me hope.


BlogSloth said...

Lots of kick-ass here. enjoyed many links.


Jamie Iredell said...

What's up man? Glad to find you here . . . All good things here. Me enjoy.

Josh Maday said...

good. thanks guys for stopping and seeing/saying a little something.

i read a line today: "The next day I left the bathroom."

gina said...

Thanks for the shout-out--your copy of Kate's book will be in the mail on Monday!

Josh Maday said...

Happy to do it, Gina. Keep up the good work.

chris said...

Hey, Josh, I owe you an email. It's coming, once I get this quarter under control.

Carole Maso is deadly. Her nonfiction collection Break Evey Rule is a must-read.

Sign me up for the Gertrude Stein revival.

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