Monday, September 8, 2008

vast tracts of time

Baby is here. 5 lbs 5 oz. small. fun. tired. beautiful.

i'm typing w/ one hand. fragments are all now.

no more caps. well, few caps.

peter cole linked in a comment to the very recent michael kimball podcast interview at Keyhole. very good. huge props: kimball mentions blake butler, elizabeth ellen, and me toward the end. great feeling.

again: Dear Everybody

NO COLONY in the mailbox today. attractive. so much excellent writing. take it on a date. my piece "from Today the Smell of Worms and Wet Pennies" will reward your purchase of dinner and drinks. ('dinner and drinks' = NO COLONY Issue 1)

tennis on tv. makes me feel tired. everything makes me feel tired. mostly because no sleep. partly: lazy.

finishing reading beckett's How It Is soon. i like it. don't understand all of it, but still like it. i like what beckett i've read. i heard from michael kimball who heard from luca dipierro that beckett drove andre the giant to school. i also read it again in bradley sands's interview with ryan manning (i heard you add 'the asian' to his name in your mind).

baby is sleeping.

boring groaning squeaking popping tennis.

time the conqueror





Ortho said...

Cool! You got a baby! Have you named it yet?


he has created the child

most excellent, sir. congrats

Josh Maday said...

Thank you, guys. Olivia has executed a flawless takeover in only four days. It's great.

mike fallon said...

truly wonderful. congrats. sleep when you can.

BlogSloth said...


Now you will write stories using poop as your medium.

chris said...

WOW! You've got a baby!

That's fantastic!


I've never used so many exclamation points in all my life, but that is okay! I am happy to use them on this occasion!

Again, hooray!

Josh Maday said...

Thanks all.

Mike, you're not kidding. I fell asleep mid-sentence the other night.

Sean, yes, poop is my new artistic medium. Comes in many colors, I'm finding out.

Chris, thank you for the exclamation marks; this is indeed an occasion for their heavy use.

Thanks again, everyone.

CM said...

Hey there -- what wonderful news! My son just turned 2 on Monday. A whole new series of rooms in your brain just got switched on. Don't be afraid to swaddle her nice and tight, helps them when they're new to get soothed and sleep. Dads are the masters of wrapping blankets.

Julie said...

Congrats to you, Josh!!!

Josh Maday said...

Thanks CM and Julie. Yeah, you'd think swaddling would be easy, and yet, like with most things, there is more to it than there seems. It's all fun and games until I go back to work next week.

gina said...

I'm late to the show, as usual, but I still wanted to congratulate you! Best wishes & all that!

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Gina! No worries, you're right on time. Hope you're well.

ryan manning said...

are units moving