Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unemployment Daydream While Standing Over a Fryin' Pan

It was any afternoon, same old bread, same two-tone cheese. Same old reverie inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime, luckier-than-a-two-peckered-goat story on the twelve o'clock news:

Loaf of bread from local grocery store: $1.34 (after discount for small mold spots starting on the ends)

Tampered pack of generic pre-sliced cheddar cheese: $1.79 (after discount for obvious reasons, plus some discoloring of slices)

Resulting grilled cheese sandwich with slightly crisped, nicely browned cameo of the Virgin Mary, or, if you hold it this way, a bearded John Lennon: priceless (well, actually $1,500 on eBay)

It could happen to anyone.

Finalist in The Binnacle's Second Annual Ultra-Short Competition, Ultra-Short Issue published 2005

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