Sunday, September 28, 2008

Longing in the 21st Century

Don watched TV with the family android, CX2050. A commercial for an offspring outsourcing company moved into its second segment between whatever show was airing.

"Just imagine, C," Don said. "They used to advertise all sorts of pills for this or that sickness, or even to keep one's organs functioning properly."

"You don't say, Don."

"Yeah, way before they cured death, even before organ cloning and the overseas baby farms."


"But get this, way back then they thought we would have flying cars in the future." Don looked out at the vehicles parked in his driveway, bloated rubber tires gripping the incline of the pavement. "What I wouldn't give for a flying car."

previously published in The Shantytown Anomaly, Issue #4, January 2007

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