Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blake Butler Reviews Michael Kimball's Dear Everybody for Keyhole Magazine

Been awhile since I posted about something Blake Butler. I'm thinking of starting a blog syndicated with Blake's blog. That would be easier than retyping and linking to everything he blogs or publishes.

Um, yes, Blake Butler wrote an amazing review of Michael Kimball's Dear Everybody for the feature on Kimball at Keyhole. Blake does a great job of prodding the feelings that DE will wring from readers.

Any day now we'll find out that Dear Everybody will be the next Oprah's Book Club selection. You just wait.

Here are all of the reviews so far (chronological), that I know of:

Matt Bell in the LA Times

My review in NewPages

Michael Miller in Time Out New York

Luca Dipierro in Greenpoint Gazette