Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Watch this promotional video promoting the launch party/show/reading for NO COLONY in Brooklyn on August 22 at 7:30 pm at Barbes.

In this video you will see Blake Butler. He will say words like "Friday", "August", "NO COLONY", and other words. He will shave his face while he says these things.

Spread this video communication like an STD.

I wish I could go to this show/reading. But today I am excited that my kitchen sink now drains and does not have dirty water backing up into it and smelling like an old woman's breath. I'm in that place right now.

Here are some photographs of the first issue. It looks very sexy. My eyeballs are sweating. The cover is badness. NO COLONY is a snake tangle.

My contribution to this issue is entitled "from Today the Smell of Worms and Wet Pennies", which features strange incarnations of Antonin Artaud, Charles Darwin, and Franz Kafka. I have to say, though, that Kafka may be the most over-written-about writer ever of all time forever ever. A moratorium on Kafka appearances/mentions in poetry and fiction is coming soon, I do believe. But, until then . . .

Order a copy of NO COLONY. Do. It. Now. Or. Else. Your. Face. Will. Eat. Itself.



thank you sir, you are dat fire

Josh Maday said...

no prollem. tie it up. burn it down.

can't wait to touch and oogle.

good promo vid.