Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nashville is Reads Issue 4

Peter Cole has been busy (when isn't he?) sowing the seed of literature, taping and nailing issue 4 of Nashville is Reads throughout Music City. Here is photographic evidence of this literary vandalism. They plastered the work of Matt Jasper, Kathy Cottle, Kendra Grant Malone, Mike Topp, Larry O. Dean, Gary Beck, and my poem entitled "The Everyday Juggernaut", which appears to have hardly survived a night in downtown Nashville. It's a rough place, okay? Thanks to Peter, his brother David, and Jon Bergey for working the night shift to take the magazine to the people. And thanks to Adam Robinson for Baltimore is Reads, and said Nashville is Reads franchise. I heard from Adam that he had affixed my poem to select stationary objects in Baltimore. Thanks to everyone involved.

And it should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: Check out Keyhole Magazine. Issue 4 is like almost here and is already available for to order. I'm sure copies of Issue 3 are still available, too. My brain ran away and cried in a corner when I finished reading Issue 3.

Also: Publishing Genius has some fine fine chapbooks that you can read for free as a PDF, which is nice. But it is nicer actually holding a print copy in your hands and reading it. PG also publishes books. The latest offering is David Daniel's story collection entitled Six Off 66, about which Ryan Call said positive things.


Peter Cole said...

was scrolling through my rss reader and saw your post. thanks! and sorry for making you cry

wanted to let you know that we reposted your poem on Music Row, on a pole, next to a big tour bus with country singers painted on the side. Jon still has those pictures, but we'll put them up on the NIR website soon.

Josh Maday said...

ha, no problem, peter, it is an excellent issue. can't wait to read number 4.

thanks for reposting the poem, too. Music Row on a pole is a good place to be, methinks.

ryan call said...

i need to sit down

and organize myself and figure out which journals i need to subscribe to and then do it.

i should take two hours and just do that.

Adam R. said...

So awesome.

I couldn't view the pics at Keyhole when I tried to get there from the Keyhole blog but when I followed your link I was able to look at three of them. Thanks.