Thursday, August 28, 2008

John Reed and William Shakespeare Collaborate on a New Play

John Reed has been dismantling the canon for a few years now, with books like Snowball's Chance, a retelling of Orwell's Animal Farm, and The Whole, an updated rendition of Lewis Carroll's world. And now Reed has collaborated with William Shakespeare (long distance) to create a postmodern play that is a twisted mash-up of WS's oeuvre. This reminds me of John Barth's novel in letters entitled Letters, where Barth's various characters correspond via, yep, writing letters to each other. Reed performed something of a Burroughs on Shakespeare's plays: cutting them up and rearranging/rewriting them into a new work entitled All the World is a Grave.

Check out John Reed and Jennifer Lee Carrell in Soho on September 5th at McNally Jackson Booksellers at 7pm, where both will read from their new work, which "directly involves the Bard."

All the World is a Grave

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