Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Art Hump" by CM Evans

CM Evans continues to nail it with his cartoons. Sometimes I feel a chemical release in my brain that is reserved, I think, for special occasions, and those occasions seem to include reading CM's cartoons. Here is "Art Hump". Then put on your Depends and go scour the archives. You will be there for a while, and you will be soiling yourself.


Adam R. said...

If you like that than you'll love David NeSmith's cartoons.

First PG chapbook.

Josh Maday said...

Those are great, Adam. I appears that I am going to monkey heaven. "Superman gets drunk and burns babies" is the greatest. That was the first PG chapbook, eh? Nice one.

CM said...

Hilarious. I liked 'Stabby Baby'. Totally off-the-cuff work.