Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is Not a Post About Blake Butler (except now it sort of is)

Michael Kimball updated Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) lately with Keyhole editor Peter Cole and Gina Myers's life stories, and today my life story. Kimball knows what he's doing with words and life stories. Check 'em.

Dear Everybody

Matt Bell has redesigned his website. He says it his hand was forced. He also archived some of his stories that were published in print. A Certain Number of Bedrooms, a Certain Number of Baths is particularly excellent. Looks like Matt has some work forthcoming from fine venues like Hobart (again), Keyhole, Lamination Colony, No Colony, and, of course, Best American Fantasy 2008. Zing.

Ken Baumann said this: but man it's good people are making things i guess

The latest issued chapbook from Publishing Genius is now living and waiting to eyed. Link it up. Here is how Adam Robinson describes Nate Pritts's "Endless Summer":
Nate's chapbook is a series of poems called ENDLESS SUMMER. It's a pretty short piece with lots of repetition, yet somehow I think that it manages to spiral with rich affect. Summer is so active, and there's always so much happening, such a range of drastic splashes, and this series manages to capture that bedrock emotionality. What am I saying? I don't know, but here's something else: Nate Pritts writes words but after reading all of them, the words are gone. I don't remember the words, I remember the what.

Everyone probably already knows all of this.

But not this: today is an iron manhole cover burned into the sole of someone's foot.

"Try not to be so serious all the time." --Me, thinking, just now

Here is a piece of a new story I just drafted for the third time:
Father is draped over the windows. What is left of him, dried and stiff and burgundy-brown: somewhat wrinkled and dirty, bleeding and caked with soul.

This was an accident. It should be soil. Soil, parched and small and something to be washed away at night.

Mother has hung sheets soaked with Father's blood over the windows to keep out the demons and the sun. The flies still get in. They are hungry. Always hungry.

That will probably be cut or rewritten out of existence soon. Or not. I don't know.

Oh, and Blake Butler. Somewhere with ice cream earlobes and a picture of a giant frogneck goiter.

Blake has written another novel. These novels he writes are the incarnation of Lynchian literature. I would be interested to see what could happen if Blake put his recent novels through the Burroughs cut-up machine. I think Blake Butler is the Burroughs Cut-up Machine.



up the am i machine cut ::boy masturbating on another boy in the jungle:

i like that excerpt josh, it is teeth


i am eloquent

Adam R. said...

I like the colon in the excerpt. I like your life story. Thanks for furthering the PDF Chapbook!

Josh Maday said...

thanks blake. the jungle boys may swing in some strange traffic.

yes, ken, you are eloquent. i like the statement i quoted. it feels accurate and honest.

adam, i am happy you liked the colon. i am a fan of making use of all of the punctuation available to me. i like my life story, too; michael kimball did a fine job. i will always try to further the PDF Chapbook. happy to do it. i still like reading and touching the ones i already have.