Friday, July 18, 2008

Probably no title today. So.

Michael Kimball wrote my life story on a postcard and sent it to me, as per his brilliant project. It arrived a couple of days ago. He did a really excellent job distilling the five or six pages of rambling down to about four or five hundred words. He must have used a super fine tipped pen to write so small and fit all of that onto a postcard. People should keep sending Michael Kimball their life stories and have him write it on a postcard. He is good at it, and it's fun. Check out the latest life story; this time it's Red Delicious Apple. Awesome. And, while we're here, you know, Dear Everybody, soon, like in September soon.

I met with Gina Myers earlier this week for coffee and a book exchange and some talking. Gina grew up in Saginaw, went to Central Michigan U, and then to The New School in New York City, where she earned her MFA. She is a poet who edits the tiny, a poetry journal, and runs Lame House Press. She is very laid back and down to earth. I was happy about that. And it was very nice to talk to someone, especially someone who has lived in New York City, the center of the universe, who could come back and still like, even love, Saginaw. Most people would just as soon say, Blow it up and let it recivilize. She gave me a copy of the tiny and some chapbooks she published (printed and bound by hand) through Lame House. The chapbooks are gorgeous; they look and feel as excellent as the goods coming out of Publishing Genius. I am looking forward to reading these. Gina also has some badass tattoo sleeves.

Here is an interview with Gina Myers with some of her poetry at the end.
And some of Gina's poetry in MiPOesias.

Everyone, I would like to congratulate Matt Bell on winning this year's Million Writers Award, with all of the money and acclaim that goes along with it. His story "Alex Trebek Never Eats Fried Chicken" was first published in Storyglossia and has pretty much eaten a hole in the world and made a place for itself. Nice job, Matt, and congrats!

Read Matt's acceptance speech.

I think some sort of investigation may take place in Hemlock, Michigan, to find out if there is/was something in the soil, water, or air that seems to grow writers. Last week, I mentioned Tom Fleischmann, a University of Iowa student studying creative nonfiction, who has a new piece entitled "Fist" in the new issue of Pleiades, as well as work published or forthcoming in Mid-American Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, Quarterly West, and elsewhere. Well, Tom also graduated from Hemlock High School, a year or two behind me, I think. And Matt Bell (see above) graduated a year ahead of me. While I'm not as accomplished as Tom and Matt, I think it's interesting that the three of us came out of Hemlock within three or four years, especially considering the fact that the school had a population of about 400.

Also: Hemlock is named perfectly.

I'm just saying.


Adam R. said...

Lame House books inspire great jealousy in me, that's for sure.

Josh Maday said...

i can see why. gina does excellent work. LH and PG put out the finest chapbooks I've seen.

gina said...

Thanks for the shout out and nice words re: Lame House. It was really great meeting you and I look forward to more discussions in the future!