Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marsupial Starbucks Crucifixion

Can it make sense that I'm so behind that I'm behind on blogging, too? I don't get paid or anything, but I've got things I want to post about.

This is going to be a quick scatter shot.

Well, it will be no surprise that I am going to link to something by Blake Butler. I know, shocking. So here it is: go check out the review/essay/post about Derek White's new novel Marsupial. Blake says things I agree with and find interesting: things about David Lynch's films, specifically Inland Empire and Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive; Blake talks about how Marsupial could have lost control of itself and spun off into the oblivion of empty experimental 'noodling', but does not; he says other things, too, that are interesting. He sold me a copy of White's novel after about three paragraphs. Granted, he could probably get me to purchase used underwear. But, still, he makes a persuasive case and I'm excited to get my copy of Marsupial. Marsupial. Marsupial.

Michael Kimball has posted Adam Robinson's life story, and it's one of the best yet. Kimball's project is going to be impressive when it is published next fall.

My god, my god, Starbucks is forsaking us.

I do not live within 40 miles of a body of water, but about a dozen sea gulls woke me up this morning. I felt like that was strange, like things are changing in the earth.

My copy of Jackie Corley's The Suburban Swindle came in the mail today. In the short time I was home, passing through at lunch time, I flipped through the book and I was blown away by line after line. I am stoked to read this collection.

It is hot out. I am happy about the heat.

I want to read every book in the world. Even the bad ones.

I usually quit reading stories that feature these elements:

A writer protagonist/main character
A very young "precocious" narrator
Hotwords like precocious, cacophony, denizens, etc, that function as code to inform the reader that they are in fact reading 'serious fiction'. Maybe I am just jealous of superior lexicons. No, vocabularies.

That new Burger King commercial where the King has kids and his small silent mini-King kid kicks him in the shins creeps me out.

More soon. Soon soon. Mon soon. Monson. Neck Deep. Soon.



josh, get the purple dotted speedo bikini briefs


i am excited to talk about marsupial with you when you are done


Josh Maday said...

got 'em, blake. i'll email pics.

i can't wait to read marsupial. i'll have to break in my google chat.



yes, booyah.


yes, this post feels slick in the best way

Josh Maday said...

thanks ken. you are eating through america. blake said so. powerful teeth.

Jackie Corley said...

thanks for the plug, josh!

hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

Josh Maday said...

sure thing, jackie. i'm excited to read it. thanks for sending!