Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mark Halliday Reviews Joshua Clover's The Totality for Kids in the New Issue of Pleiades

A nice person on Johannes Göransson's blog posted the link to the review that has sparked some debate. It's interesting a book review getting this kind of attention and talked about as much as it is.

Here is Halliday's review of Joshua Clover's The Totality for Kids in PDF form. Judge for yourself.


ryan manning said...

the asian kelly ripa

Jeff Vande Zande said...

I don't know . . . though the review is hard to look away from, it feels like school days, when it was hard to look away when the biggest kid in the class was beating up the weakest Dungeons and Dragons kid. Does this book need such a long, scathing review? Were people praising it so much that it needed to be set straight? And, why review a book from 2006? Was it just that Halliday couldn't resist? The review does nothing. Nobody was really paying attention to this book, anyway. It's a poetry book. I mean, come on. It didn't need to be taken down a notch. Any poetry book starts out almost as low as it can go, notchwise.

The review is almost as self-absorbed as the poetry.

With a meticulous enough scalpel, any poetry book could be discected down to its core absurdity.

"All writing fails" -- Faulkner.