Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Independent Publishing is Actually Very Tall; It's Just been Sitting Down

Everyone: Jimmy Chen has a piece about Georges Auric at Everyday Yeah in the "People Who Died in 1983" section. I like Jimmy Chen's writing. I feel similar to him when I read it.

Hey, more online writing has been listed/linked in the comments at Ryan Call's blog post regarding these kinds of things. A fine list of online fiction is linked there.

Here's an article in The Guardian, which I first saw on Matt Bell's blog and mentioned again by Scott Esposito at Conversational Reading.

The column talks about how writers can't really be "indie" and get any attention from reviewers. Esposito argues that the column has rather large blind spots when he says:

"I imagine the close association of small presses with vanity presses would surprise the publishers of Grove, Cannongate (which has racked up enough Bookers to be the envy of any press), Soft Skull, Dalkey, and Archipelago, all of which, small or independent as they are, get plenty of national newspaper attention and would not ever be mistaken for a vanity press."

Matt points to review outlets such as NewPages, Rain Taxi, Bookslut, etc, and I think he makes a good point about the growing relevance of these resources devoted to what's going on in the independent and small press publishing world. Sure, maybe they're still mostly relevant to writers and writing programs, but there does seem to be a shift taking place and the small and independent presses are getting more respect and attention than many people may think. Like I said, independent publishing is actually very tall, it's just been sitting down.


ryan call said...

good post josh

others who have talked/mentioned that guardian thing in one way or another:

shane jones

venom literati? maybe? i glanced at their site, but did not um read it, so maybe they just listed it or seomthing

i wil look for more

Josh Maday said...

thanks, ryan.

yeah, shane's post was excellent. venom literati did a nice review of blake's chapbook, for sure.

if nothing else, the guardian column got people talking about independent publishing.

and i realize how unclean my metaphor for indie publishing is, what with the connotation of sitting idle. obviously that is not so.

ryan call said...



i dont know what i am talking about most of the time.

Adam R. said...

I am going to post about this.

Josh Maday said...

same here, ryan.

yes, adam. post.

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