Friday, July 11, 2008

Doll Steak // Test Meat

I am still alive. Posting quickly.

Blake said good, pointed things on his blog regarding the apparent apathy for books and lit among hipsters (does this terms apply solely to indie 'scene kid' types?). Blake seems to be mostly in agreement with what Adam Robinson said on his blog.

The venerable Sean Lovelace has just given birth to a beautiful blog. Folks should already know about Sean Lovelace. If not, he writes fiction that will destroy your brain and make you hungry for more (see: So, This is Drink, Dream Diary Excerpts: Ingrid Bergman, 1951, and Meaning of Life #17), and reviews books for NewPages (see: here, and here).

In more news, I thrashed open my leg on a softball field that was pert near concrete with gravel sprinkled on top. Much blood/puss oozing. At least two socks ruined. Possibly screwed up my knee again.

Have finally finished editing my interview with Michael Kimball (who is really great to work with in every way). I am happy with how it came together. Said interview will run in the September update of Word Riot. Lickin' chops.

Got my copy of the new issue of Pleiades last week. Fine essay in there by a fellow graduate of Hemlock High School, Tom Fleischmann, who is now attending Iowa, and graduated from Grand Valley State University. In his essay entitled "Fist", Tom explores the many contexts and uses for the fist. Good work, Tom. I'm going to post more about this and the rest of the new Pleiades soon. Here's a teaser: Mark Halliday gives Joshua Clover's second book of poems, The Totality for Kids, a very thorough going over; as in a scathing 21-page going over. But wait, there's more . . .

That took much longer than I expected.


peter b. said...

I share your confusion regarding the word "hipster." I don't get the impression that anyone is on the same page regarding its meaning. I tend to use it in a pejorative sense. I think.

Josh Maday said...

same here. i don't think i totally mean it in a non-aggressive way. definitely pejorative.

hey, i just left you a comforting message at blake's blog, on the post about why people don't read and why by people we mean hipsters. i just realized that. we ask why people don't read, but when always talking about people not reading we say people and hipsters interchangeable. huh.