Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things to ______ at

I'm going to swing over your way when I'm done here. I will be the one flying among the vines and yodeling wildly.

Hey, the new issue of McSweeney's is available, the one that is a companion piece to "Lots of Things Like This," the exhibition organized by Dave Eggers at apexart. You know, the one featuring work by CM Evans, David Shrigley, Henry Darger, and lots of others. Issue 27 will melt your eyes and you'll love it.

I will have new work arriving soon. I am happy about that.

Ryan Call posted a series of drawings and texts that he and his sister have been working on, and they are well worth a look and a read. I'm hoping to see more of them posted.

I am thinking of raspberry seeds stuck between my teeth.

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ryan call said...

the mcsweeneys this time round is really good
what ive flippe dthrough so far, anyhow