Saturday, June 28, 2008

Submission Call: Haggard & Halloo Reviews

The editors of Haggard & Halloo, who normally run experimental poetry and occasionally fiction (like my letter of complaint to the U.S. Department of the Treasury (which is not totally fiction, I suppose)), will be running a week of reviews beginning June 29 (tomorrow), posting one each day, and they're still looking for reviews (excessive run-on acknowledged). They want reviews of anything. Preferably something not usually reviewed.

"Review a bike ride, a moon rise, a cup of coffee, a family reunion, a fly in the house, anything, something" and send it in. Here's more info.


CM said...

Thanks for the tip -- I think I'll review this old pen I was going to throw away.

CM said...

Argh! Curses -- it looks like they closed down the entry info for that submission call.

Josh Maday said...

huh, it does look like they removed it. you could always email the editors and see if they are still looking for any reviews. i would have liked to read your review, too.