Friday, June 27, 2008

Publishing Genius Adam Robinson Writes Poems

Adam Robinson, curator of Publishing Genius and Baltimore is Reads, has been working on some poems that will be collected in a full-length book. The poems begin with people, names, and then things Robinson knows and does not know commingle and push up against each other. He has written poems about Elisabeth Elliot, Hélène Cixous, Manos de Seda, Glenn Tipton, and Søren Kierkegaard. He also wrote a poem entitled "Josh Maday". Of course, I like these poems. It's an honor to be temporarily immortalized by a guy with such a massive intellect and fine taste. I am looking forward to Adam's book of poetry.

Now that I've stroked my ego in front of the world a little, I am expressing congratulations to Adam and Blake Butler for Blake's Publishing Genius chapbook entitled PRETEND I AM THERE BUT VERY LITTLE having been eyed about 7,000 times. That's pretty much a best seller in terms of exposure. Too bad it's not also in terms of sales. I would pay for it. In fact I have paid for the print version of PIATBVL, which was hand-crafted by Adam Robinson himself. Very nice. But, really, everything at Publishing Genius will swipe your face from your skull. You will enjoy it.

I'm sure I am forgetting/missing something.



that poem is great

adam's book will be awesome


Adam R. said...

Yes yes yes yes YAY.
Woo hoo.
Yes, I wrote "Josh Maday."
Thanks Josh, thanks Blake.
Here's a virtual cigar for everybody:

ryan call said...

high five

Josh Maday said...

yes, i like the poem. i like all of the poems adam has written for the book so far. the ones i've seen anyway. book's gonna be good.

hey, what kind of cigar was that? slow-burning a sweet.

thanks, dudes. good job all around. yes, high five.

Michael Kimball said...

I love the poem, Adam. And thanks, Josh, for being Josh, so that Adam could write the poem.

Josh Maday said...

no problem, michael. i work hard cultivating my special brand of weirdness.

i'm stoked for adam's book. write swiftly, adam.