Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Work at Everyday Yeah and New Heavy

There is a website called Everyday Yeah. Everyday Yeah has pictures, writing, reviews, and other cool stuff. Today I have new work appearing in Everyday Yeah, in a feature called PEOPLE WHO DIED IN 1983. I wrote about Paul de Man in a fictional way that is also heinous.

I have new words living dysfunctionally at the new and heavy New Heavy, a museum of mental deflation curated by the enterprising Blake Butler. The text is an example of automatic writing, which is, I think, what the surrealists did according to the dictates of Andre Breton, where words were written while the mental censor went unacknowledged, inasmuch as that is possible. Let it flow. New Heavy is strange and funny and excellent. Brandon Scott Gorrell and Ken Baumann have fun texts there, too. I still hear "mouth face cat deluxe" in my dreams.

I have word from Ryan Call that the new issue of Phoebe is on the way. I'm excited to see it and hold it and read it. More about that later.

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