Monday, June 2, 2008

NANO Fiction, NewPages, New Heavy, etc, etc, I am Still Alive

My copy of the new NANO Fiction came. It is nice and in color and I like the words. In NANO Fiction Volume 2 Number 1, you will find work by Michael Jauchen, Miah Arnold, Sean Lovelace, Christopher Higgs, Sam Pink, Megan Roth, Paul Kavanaugh, Kevin Brown, and art by Norberto Gomez Jr. You can read work by Prathna Lor and Ian Grody on NANO Fiction's website, plus other fun stuff located in the archives. A fine issue, and I'm proud to be part of it.

New book reviews are now live at NewPages. My review of Zachary Mason's amazing The Lost Books of the Odyssey is there, as well as these fine reviews by Cyan James, Matt Bell, Deborah Diemont, Blake Butler, Sean Lovelace, Rav Grewal-Kök, Laura Eve Engel, Anna Clark, Sarah Sala, Cynthia Reeser, and Roy Wang:

O Woolly City by Priscilla Sneff
I Am Death by Gary Amdahl
A Woman’s Guide
to Mountain Climbing
by Jane Augustine

Bob, or Man on Boat by Peter Markus
The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review Ed. Danielle Ofri
A Man of Ideas and Other Stories by David Galef
Breaking It Down by Rusty Barnes
The Translator’s Diary by Jon Pineda
The Human Mind by Angela Woodward
Ravel by Jean Echenoz, Trans. Linda Coverdale
Double Header by Suzanne Burns
Oh, Don’t Ask Why by Dennis Must
A Proper Knowledge by Michelle Latiolais
Do the Math by Emily Galvin

It is finally warm outside. I am alive and eating a bald eagle peach, also known as nectarine.

Also, everyone should check out the latest outgrowth from the manic brain of Blake Butler. This particular manifestation is named New Heavy. It is growing and pulsating at the center of the universe. The Orb has already made a song about it. There are weird films, keyword porn, and surrealist outspillages of words. Blake Butler is more surreal than Andre Breton.


ryan call said...

good review josh

Josh Maday said...

thanks, ryan. hopefully it will sell some copies of the book and gain it a few more readers. it's going to be on my brain for a long time.