Friday, June 20, 2008

Mina Luxa

I entered the searchword "Bataille" in ebay, and I came across a piece up for bid by sculptor/artist Mina Luxa, entitled "Eye of the Superject".

I emailed and said that I could not afford the piece up for bid, but that I really liked the piece up for bid. Anyway, I got the website. And I really like the work. It has a gritty grotesque Nine Inch Nails Brothers Quay feel. Moving and political. Good stuff. Check.


CM said...

I was looking up Paul Klee today...and then I come over here, and banged right into this Mina Luxa. What a Kleesian moment, at least for me.

Josh Maday said...

A Kleesian moment, indeed. I see what you mean. I'm just blown away by Luxa's viscerally surreal work. The images have been with me since I saw them. Seeing fire sent up through the inside of the sculptures is a whole different experience, for me anyway.