Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lamination Colony, Best Creative Nonfiction, The Dissemination of Michael Martone

Blake Butler, fearless sleepless tireless editor of Lamination Colony, has nominated my piece entitled "Distractus Refractus Ontologicus: The Dissemination of Michael Martone" for Best Creative Nonfiction 2008.

Lamination Colony deserves wider recognition for being an indisputable singularity in the literary world, an outlet for the bizarre and fantastic the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else. Ryan Downey's song/text THIS IS A SONG ABOUT GOOGLE, NOT NIKOLAI GOGOL still blows me away every time I read/listen. It's hilarious and brilliant. Read anything in any issue of Lamination Colony and show me something like it in any other literary venue. Thanks for believing in this piece, and all of my weird writing, Blake. I hope to do you proud.