Monday, June 9, 2008

A Great Two for One Deal: Avery 3 and Fall 08 Phoebe

Here's something:
Ryan Call posted about a great deal for lovers of reading, lit mags, and the multifarious forms of literature:

in said deal, the purchase of the new issue of Avery will procure for the purchaser a free copy of the new issue of Phoebe.

This fantastic magnificent deal is going on until the last day of July.


Adam R. said...

I read this and then bought all three Averys ever.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Adam. You'll be happy you did. Avery has published some fine fine issues. They knew what they were doing from the beginning. I hope you like the new Phoebe, too. I just got my copy today and it looks great. Ryan Call was right on his blog when he said that this issue and the last one (the two he worked on) go together. Good stuff.