Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Everything is New: Phoebe, Avery, Lamination Colony, Keyhole, No Colony, Dear Everybody

A copy of Keyhole 3 came in the mail yesterday. That is one attractive magazine. I'm excited to read the work in it by Shellie Zacharia, Blake Butler, Dennis Mahagin, Tim Keppel, Rosanne Griffeth, Elizabeth Ellen, Brian Brown, Monica Kilian, and Joshua Diamond. Looks stellar. I will be reviewing this for NewPages in the (hopefully) near future.

Also ready to be devoured by your hungry eyes: LAMINATION COLONY SUMMER 08. You will find work there the likes of which you will not find anywhere else in the literary magazine world. LAMINATION COLONY is worth it every time.

Another colony to be visited is NO COLONY. The pressure is building in a manner similar to not touching yourself for a few months while still looking at porn. The NO COLONY debut is going to be so messy and feel so good. Check out the excerpt from Miranda Mellis's story "The Shuffler". And then pre-order the orgasmic debut issue of NO COLONY. NO COLONY. NO COLONY. NO COLONY. NO COLONY. Or, ante up $400 to get your very own string of words or weirdness published in NO COLONY. Or, for $650, you can get that work nominated for a Pushcart Prize. I love every sense/connotation/implication of these offers.

My review copy of Dear Everybody came yesterday, too. It's a great looking book. I am stoked to read it again, this time on paper. It's so good. It's also available for pre-order. . .

My contributor copies of the Fall 08 Phoebe arrived yesterday. The staff at Phoebe did an excellent job putting this together. There is work by Anselm Berrigan, Avital Gad-Cykman, Chris Gavaler, Caitlin Horrocks, Drew Nolte, Dan Pinkerton, Laurie E. White, Kevin Wilson, Mike Young, John Yunker, and more.

My fiction entitled "Fiction with Teratoma Preserves" closes out the issue. It is short and fragmented, but crazy and sort of filthy, featuring a dead Georges Bataille basking in his decay in a Nebraska farm field. Big thanks to Blake Butler and Ryan Call for their amazing editing help with this piece. "Fiction wih Teratoma Preserves" would not be what it is without them. Thanks guys.

AND:Don't miss out on the great deal available through July, where if you order Avery 3, you will get a free copy of Fall 08 Phoebe. I don't need to tell anyone, but that's a fine offer.



excited to see the phoebe. you do grotesque about as good as one could want.

thank you for pimping that colony shitz

Josh Maday said...

thanks, blake.

i'm excited about no and lamination. obviously.

Peter Cole said...

thanks, josh

and i'll definitely be taking advantage of the avery/phoebe deal

Josh Maday said...

no problem, peter. i'm looking forward to reading.

i'm glad to hear that you'll be taking Avery and Phoebe up on their offer.

ryan call said...

very good