Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ryan Call's Blog is Alive and Screaming

I am excited to see that Ryan Call, editor/writer/etc extraordinaire, has a blog. Take a look at my foot. And keep taking looks at it in the future when you feel sad, lonely, happy, and/or full of glittering semi-social energy. Ryan is having an impressive year of publishing, with work in the new Barrelhouse, the new Hobart, the new Avery, and forthcoming in Caketrain and NO COLONY.


Bradley Sands said...

His sister likes Bust Down the Door. This fun fact was brought to you by Ryan Call via Mike Young's instant messenger. Mike Young typed that I said, "Cool," non-sarcastically. I need sleep. Submit to ME is a Dick!

Josh Maday said...

I did not know he had a sister. Now I know. More fun facts, please. Is a transcript of this instant messenger exchange available? I think it's important to qualify when things are done non-sarcastically. Sometimes I'm not sure. I say that non-sarcastically. Seriously. I am going to send something for Bradley Sands is a Dick. Get some sleep, man.

Bradley Sands said...

I slept.

I was over Mike's house when he was IMing him. Being over someone's house when they are hanging out on IM is the future.

This is the only other fun fact I have, but you probably already know this fun fact: Blake Butler kicked Ryan Call in the head.

This is why I told Mike I had heard Ryan's name before. And then he said, "Oh," and sounded surprised. I read an entry about it on Blake's blog. "Call" is a memorable last name.

ryan call said...

thank you, bradley, for remembering my last name.
and yes, blake butler did kick me in the head, but only a little bit.

here is the gchat:

me: i am bored
what are you?
Mike: i am not so tall
i am sitting in my living room with bradley sands
me: do you think youre short?
Mike: editor of bust down the door eat all the
me: i think i am short
Mike: i'm just not tall
me: that is good
my sister likes that journal
Mike: you are pretty short unfortunately
me: yes
thank you
Mike: bradley says "that's cool"
in reference to your sister
me: ah
i say good
Mike: in a good way
me: yes
Mike: not a sarcastic way
me: right
not sarcastic etc

Bradley Sands said...

Holy shit! Do you keep all your chat logs or does the program just do it automatically? I haven't kept track of IMing technologies lately.

ryan call said...

gmail does it for me

technology, etc

Bradley Sands said...

I used to cut-and-paste chat logs into microsoft word and save them when they were interesting. I don't im much anymore.

Adam R. said...

Publishing Genius is "optioning" a book of these IMs for release at the end of the summer. If anyone wants to write an introduction, let me know.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks for providing the transcript, guys. I've never used any of the IM programs, not since the old AOL instant messenger, and then only a few times. I didn't know anyone who had the program who also wanted to talk to me. I'm going to use it soon. I am so far behind.

The Prolific Squalor IM sessions are excellent, Adam. Good work finding the good work to publish. Looking forward to that one.