Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On June 2, Michael Martone is reading in Iowa, and also on Your Computer

Michael Martone the writer/reader/performer will be doing those things at 7pm on Monday, June 2 at the University of Iowa. Michael Martone will be reading from his new book entitled Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins and also from his fiction.

I enjoy Michael Martone and his writing. I have even written Michael Martone's name many times and had a lot of fun doing it. Michael Martone is an excellent reader of his writing. I was fortunate enough to make the trip across the state with Matt Bell to see and hear Martone read at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids. You can download Matt's recording of the reading, and even listen to it if you want. I recommend doing both.

If you're like me and there's no way you're going to make it to Iowa on June 2 by 7pm, you can still listen live here.

Here's the full press release from the University of Iowa's website.

To ease your curiosity, here are the 100 most frequently used words in Michael Martone's Double-wide: Collected Fiction of Michael Martone:

again along always another away behind big boys building call came car children city come day door down even eyes face father few field first get go going good got hands head hear home house indiana kids know left let letters light line little long look looked looking man men mother new next night now old once own paper people picture place read red remember right road room saw say school see side someone something sound still story street table take tell things think thought time together told took turn two want watch water went white window word work years

Those are good words.

Michael Martone Michael Martone.


Adam R. said...

Thanks for easing my curiosity. I liked your piece at Lamination Colony a lot and hadn't read it before. Now that I have, I like how you brought God into the matter.

At AWP Michael Martone read way too long. So long, in fact, that they had to pull a fire alarm to get everyone out.

Adam R. said...
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Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Adam. I'm glad you liked. Yes, I could not help bringing God into things. He's always right there in the periphery of everything anyway.

That is a great story about the fire alarm putting Martone out. I only want to know if he said the word dazzleflage.

chris said...

The alarm actually went off during Noy Holland's presentation. Martone read a hilarious dis on Franzen; I didn't think it was too long; I dug it. He might have said the word dazzleflage, but I don't recall.

(Also on that panel was RM Berry and some dude I never heard of before, who read some thing about how he was a student of Ronald Sukenick.)