Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Things and an Old Thing New Again

I have another sinus infection coming on, I think. Really excited about that. I've been in a fog for two days. Whoever is in charge of sinus infections, I'd like to pass on this one, if that's okay. I'll catch it next time around.

But I got some good stuff in the mail over the past couple of days.

My complete set (so far) of print copies of This PDF Chapbook published by Publishing Genius arrived last week. Adam Robinson does a great job with these. It's easy to see that he crafts each copy with care. They look great, and, of course, the writing is top-notch. I also got a copy of Stephanie Barber's book/DVD entitled These Here Separated to See How They're Standing Alone, and I'm anxious to get a peek at that. Meanwhile, here's an interview with Stephanie Barber. Buying everything Publishing Genius has available is a great deal.

I also got my contributor copy of The Binnacle's Fourth Annual Ultra-Short Competition. A lot of good stuff in there. The Ultra-Short issues come in small square boxes and each story or poem is printed on thick paper about the size of a business card. It's a cool design and each copy of the issue is bound/put together by hand.

Soon, I think, I will have new work in pineapplewar. I am excited about that. I have submitted there many times without success, and now success. pineapplewar is an elegant venue, very nice looking with writing I like. Prathna Lor does a fine job editing.

Listen to Michael Kimball read from Dear Everybody. It's good every time.

I am feeling better, in a non-physical way.



PG yes Pratha yes Kimball yes i am glad you are feeling better

ryan call said...

i like getting things in the mail

today i got this years issue of columbia
it was cool to get - it has stuff in it i want to read

it was also not as cool to get, because it was their way of telling me i did not win anything.

still, i was surprised, in a good way.

Adam R. said...

Thanks Josh. Thanks thanks thanks thanks. I really hope you like Stephanie's movies. I think they continually break my ground.

I never had allergies in the spring until this spring. Holy guacamole they steamrolled me!

Josh Maday said...

No problem, Adam. I'm looking forward to Stephanie's movies. My ground is ready to be broken.

Down with allergies, man. I'm still in denial. I'm not admitting that I have allergies, but my wife is convinced. Steamrolled is right. Sucks.