Friday, April 11, 2008

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I wrote something that I was going to post here. But I am saving it. It is in a bank right now earning interest. It is doing this by working hard in a physical way, saving its earnings, and depositing them into an interest accruing account in hope of returning more impressive talents to me than those I gave it in the first place. It is trusting in the stock market to maintain long-term growth. This trust keeps it from freaking out when the quarterly report says that its portfolio shrunk by $1,000 since January 1. It sits at the table during its leisure time, drinks coffee, and thinks about the future while staring out the window. Because that's where the future is. That's where the future is.


CM said...

I did this once, but the Idea Bank I deposited my Concept at was robbed. The robber wore sensible shoes with his retro Nixon mask.

Josh Maday said...

Well, at least the robber was stylish. Could've been worse: white after Labor Day. I know, let's not go there.

It would take Ocean's 385 to crack into my intellectual institution of choice. Which isn't too far off, actually. Crap, I have to go

CM said...

Indian attack!!!!