Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stuff to Read

Prathna Lor has work at NANO Fiction.

Matthew Simmons has work at pineapplewar.

Ben Lerner has an excellent piece in issue v.2.1 of Soft Targets. I am enjoying the other work they have posted there, too. I really like what this magazine is up to.

Matt Bell has had his second short story translated into Italian. This time it is "The Raincheck" which originally appeared in Storyglossia. Congrats to Matt for becoming a regular Italian literary hero, and for exporting as much American domestic product as anyone, citizen or corporation.

Blake Butler's highly anticipated and rather excellent e-book PRETEND I AM THERE BUT VERY LITTLE is reportedly due out Friday from Publishing Genius, which is also excellent, publishing e-books/chapbooks by Andy Devine/Michael Kimball, Joseph Young, and more, all of which are available for free online, as you can see on the PG blog.

Today smells like worms. Like wet dirt. That is okay because pennies are made of sunsets.



Pete said...

Thank goodness somebody's exporting something from around here. I have high hopes for Matt's ability to reverse the U.S.-China trade deficit.

Prathna Lor said...

good work promoting, thank you

Josh Maday said...

yes, the novel matt's working on could very well bring the dollar back to its former glory. many lives will be changed and inequality erased worldwide. no pressure, though.

no problem, prathna. i believe you will have interns soon.

Prathna Lor said...

do more intern work for me, i like it