Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lamination Colony, Spring '08

New Lamination Colony has been born. It is screaming and pissing in the world right now.

This issue features fine fine work by Ian Davisson, I. Fontana, Johannes Goransson, Ken Baumann, Matthew Savoca, Chris Killen, Heather Anne Mullins, and more. I've read some of the issue already. Ian Davisson's "Achy Muscles" is killer. And Ryan Downey's "This is a Song about Google, Not Nikolai Gogol" is excellent.

I have a thing, along with Derek White, Heather Anne Mullins, Gene Morgan, Bradley Sands, and Go-Go Rasputin in the special feature entitled DICK PALACE, which is composed of six installments where Blake Butler ravaged and resurrected six pieces of writing submitted for just this act. It's a collaboration/willful transgression sort of engagement where Blake called for writing to be submitted with the writer fully knowing their words were subject to total rewriting/revision/editing/amputation/transplant by the editor.

And there is also a cd available for download with this issue, the LAMINATION COLONY AUDIO SUPPOSITORY. If you can't find something that makes you touch yourself mentally in this and every other issue of LC, then you should just quit reading all together. I'm just saying.

I'm proud to be part of another issue of Lamination Colony. Once again, Blake has done a great job putting together an issue the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the literary world. Good work everyone.

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