Monday, March 17, 2008

The Outbursts Will Most Likely Continue

I do not like Cadbury Eggs. I think this is mostly because I cannot figure out the flavor. Whatever it says on the tinfoil wrappers is not right. I'm sure of it.

I am listening to the new Nine Inch Nails instrumental album entitled Ghosts I-IV and I like a lot of it. I have been waiting for Trent Reznor to produce an all instrumental cd for years. In places Ghosts is like Brian Eno and/or Harold Budd, and in others like Aphex Twin, and yet in others like Claude Debussy. I'm also still digging the remix of Year Zero: Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D.

[the rest is something different]

I feel good when I see some names. I roll my eyes when I see other names. I have little or no reaction when I see other names not in the first two groups. Names are great and stupid. Names are generalizations and misunderstandings.

I knew a guy once whose generalization hung down to the floor. That's because he was very short. He seemed angry and energetic about feeling short. But I think his generalization made up for a lot of that.

Today a person driving a massive and expensive generalization passed me and then cut me off. They were victorious and they dominated me with their large strap-on generalization. I slowed behind them and turned into a drive-through restaurant.

My extra value meal only satisfied me while I purchased and ate it. As soon as I finished it I felt hungry. I was deceived by a large cup that was filled three quarters with ice fragments. The ice fragments would not give way to my straw when I tried to push to the bottom for a last sip of tea. I used violence in order to penetrate the ice with the straw.

I saw a man whose generalization was attached to his face. It was so big that I kept staring. He seemed happy to have such a large generalization that people stared at him with quiet eyes and expressions of disappearance on their faces. The man changed when a woman walked past hard on her heels, sending jolts up her legs and back and bouncing her big generalizations. She seemed to absorb the stares like the man did. They both seemed to enjoy the effect of their generalizations on the world around them.

Another man in a generalization walked up to a cashier and pulled out a black leather generalization as he asked how much for someone to carry his purchases out and load them into his generalization. He held a wad of crisp generalizations in the air while the cashier called someone on the intercom.

I think I learned something today. I'm not sure.


CM said...

You know, that ice part -- sometimes you can't get the goddamn straw to punch through the ice chips & you have to use violence to get it through -- I know what you mean. What the Hell.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, CM. They make you do it: it's a game with a round peg and a really screwed up and impenetrable hole. It's not fair. Not at all. I think that raises blood pressure more than salty, fatty food. I believe it.