Thursday, March 6, 2008

David Fraser's Killing Trout Released by NewPages Press

NewPages Press has released their first book entitled Killing Trout & Other Love Poems by David Fraser. Fraser grew up in the Detroit literary scene in the 1960's with the likes of Andrei Codrescu and Ken Mikilowski, back when things were pure and the future could still be spit-shined to glory. Fraser has been living up in northern Michigan, working and writing poems, a lifestyle almost extinct and unheard of post-the advent of the MFA program.

I had the pleasure and honor of attending a reading by Ken Meisel and Jeff Vande Zande at the Zeitgeist in Corktown in Detroit, and it's a great, sad place full of soul and baggage and history whose smoke is hopefully clearing to reveal a revitalized future. I'm looking forward to reading Fraser's collection. Even if it's not all about Detroit.

You know the drill.


CM said...

Hey Josh, have you read "Trout Fishing in America"?

Josh Maday said...

I have not read TFiA, but it is in my to-read pile. i listened to Brautigan read a selection of it on Emmanuel Polanco's blog and I ordered it immediately after hearing the part about the hunchbacked fish. I still wonder if reading it before having heard Brautigan read it would be the same experience, though. Can't wait to find out.