Monday, March 10, 2008

CM Evans's Cartoons Get Some Love from Dave Eggers

I've been shouting from my virtual soapbox forever about the brilliant cartoons of CM Evans. Now, finally, these hilarious cartoons are getting some wider exposure. Dave Eggers -- yes, the Dave Eggers -- has invited CM Evans to show his work in an art exhibition in New York City at apexart, a not-for-profit contemporary visual arts organization in Lower Manhattan.

This exhibition, entitled "Lots of Things Like This," will run from April 2 to May 10, 2008, and will include work by, of course, CM Evans, Saul Steinberg, R. Crumb, William Steig, Ralph Steadman, Shel Silverstein, David Shrigley, Nedko Solakov, Henry Darger, Kenneth Koch, Alasdair Gray, David Mamet, Kurt Vonnegut, and many more. McSweeney's will also print an edition that will be a companion to the show.

Here's what Eggers has to say about "Lots of Things Like This":
This show will explore a very small and specific type of artmaking exemplified by contemporary people like David Shrigley, Raymond Pettibon, Nedko Solakov, and Tucker Nichols. This kind of art, which we refuse to name, is somewhat crude, usually irreverent, and always funny. It exists somewhere between one-panel cartoons and text-based art. What we're talking about, basically, is a show of about 100 works that subscribe (unknowingly) to the following criteria: a) they're drawings, usually very basic or crude; b) these drawings are accompanied by hand-drawn text on the artwork, and this text refers to the drawing, much like a caption; c) this caption-text is funny. So in many ways you might say these are cartoons, because we’ve just listed the qualifications of a cartoon. But the works in this show are usually found in galleries, not newspapers or magazines, and so we have something interesting to think about: Is humor allowed in art, and in what forms? Are captions allowed in art, and why? And most importantly, why doesn’t David Shrigley spell better?

Big congratulations to CM Evans for being invited to take part in this show. I wish I could attend.


CM said...

Hey, this is great, Josh..thanks for the plug. I wish you could make will be an interesting show. I hear Dave Eggers will be there...I wonder if Ralph Steadman or David Shrigley will make an appearance. We'll see!

Josh Maday said...

No problem, CM. I'm excited that you're finally getting some big attention. Way overdue. I've been researching the artists you're showing with and wow, it's going to be a monster show. Congrats again a million times over. You definitely deserve this. Enjoy every moment.