Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Reviews and Random Things

The new batch of book reviews is posted at NewPages. Books by Yannick Murphy, Ander Monson, John Darnielle, Matthea Harvey, Jo Carson, Mary Otis, and Michael Pritchett are reviewed. My review of Without Wax by William Walsh is reviewed there, too. WW is available now. I keep mentioning this novel in my blog posts. I like this book a lot. I recommend it highly to people who like to read, and people who don't like to read, too.

I feel withdrawn lately, even more than usual. I even feel withdrawn from my blog. A story is eating its way out of my head. Falling out in little chunks. Each chunk has a different color and texture. I am not sure what they are planning to build, but I am going along with it. It might be fun. I want a certain feeling from it and I did not get that feeling after writing 6k or 7k words. I am done talking about this now. I feel tacky talking about it. My friend once likened this kind of talk to declaring that one has just bought a winning lotto ticket, getting people around all excited, and then finding out it is indeed not a winner and having to tell everyone it is not a winner.

Pressure is high in my head right now. It is a combination of the head cold and the pill I took. My neck is sore and my sinuses are producing overabundant mucus and blood.

I have a tendency to read many books at one time, oscillating between them. More than three is too many for me. It is impossible to catch up with everything that's already been published and to keep up with everything that is being produced. I would like to not work and just read and write all day, and work when I wanted to break up the routine. I don't know why I bother saying that.

I would like to apologize to William Walsh for this post turning into this.

I would like to apologize to Blake Butler for sending him a piece of writing that was largely uncalled for.

I have a piggy bank that is actually not a piggy bank, but it is in the shape of the upper half of The Incredible Hulk. The bank is built out of a rubbery material. The bank does not have a way to get the money out except to shake the coins back through the slot between the Hulk's shoulder blades. Freeing the round metal presidents is going to require a razor blade.

Okay, I am done.



what did you send me that was uncalled for???

Josh Maday said...

the latest writing with X in the subject line for lamination colony.


oh haha. i havent looked at what's been sent yet, but i HOPE that what you sent was uncalled for. if it was called for i wouldn't want it. the grislier the better.

Josh Maday said...

oh, good. no problem then.