Monday, February 11, 2008

New Work by Me about Michael Martone Published in Lamination Colony

The new issue of Lamination Colony is now live. Blake Butler does a consistently excellent job of putting together issues with work that would otherwise probably never see the outside world. The latest LC features, well, a lot of cool stuff. First, texts/stories/fictions/words by Sam Pink, Louis E. Bourgeois, Sean Kilpatrick, Colin Bassett, Edith Dunham (who is a spambot), Sam Osborne, Justin Dobbs, Catherine Lacey, John Dermot Woods, Mark Cunningham, Ryan Downey, Brian Foley, and Peter Berghoef.

Next, the parodies and weird criticism of writers. These include William Walsh handling David Markson, though not in the way you are thinking right now. Jimmy Chen examines David Foster Wallace. Chelsea Martin speaks Mike Topp. Michael Hemmingson rewrites Gordon Lish. Bradley Sands cuts up William Burroughs. Matthew Simmons spins Russell Edson into prose poetry. Claire Donato poeticizes Dean Young. Justin Taylor deadpans Tao Lin. Tao Lin & Brandon Gorrell get to the essence of Lydia Davis.

And me, I say Michael Martone's name approximately 124 times within the span of 2,100 words in "Distractus Refractus Ontologicus: The Dissemination of Michael Martone" and I have fun doing it. It is part fiction, criticism, parody, homage, collage, appropriation, philosophy, psychology, and wholly strange.

But that's not all. Blake asked contributors to make videos and take photos of themselves drawing and/or writing on their sking or brushing teeth or removing or putting articles of clothing. I tried the tooth brushing but I wasn't happy with what happened. All that mint and cleanness made me ill and the skin on my face turned into scales.

So I fretted and looked around and made a video that has nothing to do with any of those requests. It is a short-short-short film -- just over two and a half minutes -- entitled "Dostoevsky is My Tennis Partner" and Blake was kind enough to include it. Now I see that I wasn't the only one who was a pain in the ass and did something different. It is eleventh down the page. You'll see a hand writing on a yellow note card. That is my hand. And my notecard. Any my hairy fingers. And my copy of Dostoevsky's head. Lots of weird stuff there. Very nice. Go watch and look and watch.

Here is my short-short-short film entitled "Dostoevsky is My Tennis Partner":

And that's still not all. Be sure to check out Lamination Colony's first ebook entitled ALIENATED AFRAID OF FURNITURE IN BEDROOM by Brandon Scott Gorrell.

Great job everyone. Really great. I'm proud to be part of this issue.


Matt said...

Cool stuff, Josh. I'll have to check out more of the issue.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks, Matt.

julie said...

I knew you'd get that piece published. Hehheh.

Josh Maday said...

Thanks for being one of the early readers, Julie. I'm really happy to have it in Lamination Colony.