Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Does Disseminating Mean?

A lot of people come to this blog asking that very question. I like to help people. Because I know how irritating it is when you just want to know once and for all but can't seem to get a clear answer. So here it is all you wayward googlers: the meaning of dissemination as per the Cambridge International Dictionary of English.


Disseminate: /di'sem.i.neit/
verb [T] FORMAL
to spread or give out something, especially news, information, ideas, etc., to a lot of people:
One of the organization's aims is to disseminate information about the disease.

noun [U] FORMAL
the dissemination of information

For further clarification read Dissemination by Jacques Derrida

Good luck.

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Jeff Vande Zande said...

What are you doing blogging? I thought you were off tasting wine.