Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something About Building and Operating Your Very Own World


Theorem: Engaging in scientific inquiry will make you immortal.

Proof: Darwin currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment with Elvis, Socrates, and Anna Nicole Smith in Hemlock, Michigan.

Test Yourself

Problem 1

Theorem: Doing philosophy will teach you to write fiction you believe in.


Problem 2

Theorem: Thinking Baudrillard's thoughts will show you that smiling is an act of aggression.


Problem 3


Proof: Everytime you have engaged with fake people you cannot be convinced that the slick red liquid exiting their body is blood.

Problem 4

Theorem: A highly sophisticated quality of boredom can be cultivated using the crop rotation method.


Problem 5

Theorem: Problems will not exist if you do not care.


[Show your work. Or at least look busy.]

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