Friday, January 25, 2008

Next Up: Eraserhead

My junk DVD player plays my wife's workout videos from beginning to end without a blip and only makes it about halfway into anything I'm watching. Well, it finally functioned long enough for me to finish watching David Lynch's Blue Velvet. I liked it very much. Dorothy Valenz's apartment has been in many of my dreams through the years. The one in my dreams has white carpet, black leather furniture, walls painted forest green, faux marble pottery, and no one touches the coffee table; and people are standing stone still but are alive like when Jeffrey finds the guys in Dorothy's apartment with gunshot wounds to the head. The colors are different but it's the same feeling I got when I saw the apartment in BV.

Here's a line from the movie: "I'll fuck anything that moves." It's now also a line from my life. I heard it said in David Lynch's movie Blue Velvet, and I said it to myself after I heard it on the movie. Plus, I just blogged about it, and wrote on my blog about blogging about it.

I just heard someone say "Stop being an ass." It was probably me.

Next is Eraserhead. Twin Peaks after that. I am excited. I am strange. I am going to put my DVD player in the shower and run cold water on it if it malfunctions again.

Lately, according to statcounter and google searches, people end up or at least stop by this blog in search of answers or pictures or both. Probably both. Those answers and pictures pertain to the meaning of dissemination and girls that have penises. I wish these seekers all the best.

Tonight I bought these things at the hardware store:

20 vinyl floor tiles
1 gallon of bonding agent
3 roller covers, 3/4" knap
4 small screws
1 box of screws that go into concrete
1 drill bit set with bits for wood and for installing fasteners requiring phillips and flat head bits, star, square, and hex bits.
1 rubber bristled thing that works as a broom or as a squeegie and is supposedly only available on TV through an infomercial.

Somewhere else my life is going on without me.



i am glad to hear you liked blue velvet. it's funny how certain scenes in many of his films i end up feeling like i've been dreaming for years or have seen before or are like my daily life. inland empire is most representative for how i feel a lot of days to me. but eraserhead is definitely a set up for inland. i hope you like eraserhead. it's more 'difficult' than blue velvet, but way more visually jarring. i am jealous that you get to watch twin peaks fresh. i would like to do that over again. if you can get the pilot episode (which is helpful) i recommend not watching it all the way through. it reveals a few things about the series that aren't vital to be show at that point, and were put in by lynch for the sake of those evaluating the pilot. the point i would turn it off is when the mother is sitting on the sofa and looks up and screams. i think you'll know what i mean. anyway, enjoy. i am glad you are watching these. i am excited to hear your first experiences with them.

my dvd player also sucks fat dick. it fucks up everything. even brand new dvds somehow manage to skip. excellence.

Josh Maday said...

yeah, i haven't seen one episode of twin peaks. i've only seen a snippet of the one in the room with the checkered floor where a midget (i think) is talking backwards.

i'm doing this lynch-fest via netflix, which is fine except the first season of twin peaks is not available, so i'm just going to buy the set since it includes the pilot episode while the set available through netflix, according to reviews, does not. thanks for the tip about when to stop the pilot. thanks all around for writing about what order to watch the lynchography in.