Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Binnacle Ultra-Short Competition

Here's something. The deadline is approaching for the fifth annual Ultra-Short Competition held by The Binnacle. I've had the honor of being selected as a finalist for three out of the four years they've held this contest. The 2006-2007 Ultra-Short edition will include work by names like Didi Wood (prose winner), Jeannine Dobbs (poetry winner), Greg Beatty, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Timothy Gager, Clifford Garstang, Margot Miller, Adrian S. Potter, J.R. Salling, Kelly Spitzer, and more.

The rules are pretty clear: submit up to two pieces of prose and/or poetry of 150 words or less. Cash prizes, too. No entry fee, either! Here are the submission guidelines if you're interested. The deadline is February 15, so get scribbling and make something funny and brilliant and sad and human.

Tongue Polo.

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